HRSA Minutes

Highroyds Sports Association is made up of representatives of Avant Homes, Highroyds Residents Association, Guiesley Juniors FC, Menston Juniors FC, Crom Park Cricket Club, St Mary’s School and Highroyds Sports and Social Club, (The Social Club.)  HRSA are the body that will jointly have an interest in the new Social Club which it is intended to be built.

HRSA Minutes 11th June 18

Further work on the Summer party and Working towards the conditions required for the Football Foundation’s funding for the deadline at the end of the month.

HRSA 04th June 2018

Work being carried out on first Joint Summer party between High Royds Sports and Social Club, ( formerly HRRA Community party) and Guiseley Juniors Football club on the 7th June.

Good work on finalising costs of build and exploration of a loan to cover contingency funds, if Sport England funding application not successful.

HRSA minutes 21.05.18

Minutes of the HRSA meeting 21st May when time was now pressing for a new lease to be presented from Avant for the new Sports club.

Minister Football Foundation visit Press Release_v3

Sports Minister Tracey Crouch MP attended at High Royds to formally present the Football Foundation Cheque for the new social club.

HRS MInutes 19th March 18

HRSA MInutes 3rd March 19

HRSA Minutes 29th January 18


HRSA Minutes 15th January 18

The Charity commission confirmed the HRSA as a charity, as an important step fro the future running of the club.  Dispensation of VAT for the build was in the process of being applied for.  Further funding from Sport England was to be applied for.

HRSA Minutes 16th November 17

The minutes of the 16th November 2017

HRSA Minutes 09.10.17

The Minutes of the 9th October 2017

HRSA Minutes 25.09.17

Further work in order to comply with requests for Football Foundation bid and other matters related to new building.

HRSA 11.09.17

One of the tenders have come back within budget, further investigations with preferred bidders will be sought.  Funding body Football Foundation are please with the bid but seek clarification on a number of matters.  No work done on football pitches over the summer read below

HRSA Minutes 19.06.17 1

Tenders for the new club have come in, further are being pursued.  Formal confirmation of £50,000 from Leeds City Council.  There were further communications with the Football Foundation re: expectations going forward.

HRSA Minutes 11.05.17
Stuart Andrew MP attends at the meeting and confirms that he had spoken with Tracy Crouch, the Sports Minister, about the project and who confirmed that she was willing to have her department looks to seek if there were further funding streams for the project.  Avant Homes confirm a further £100,000 toward the build.
HRSA Minutes 29 March 2017
Confirmation that Avant will pay for legal fees of HRSA to check leases, Football Foundation, Sport England still support bid and will visit site this month, proposal for Races Night for all constituents to come together …. and provide revenue to club … and more

Highroyds Sports Assoc 06.02.17

Raising on going waterlogged pitches, electrical problems at club, discussion of lease and more….

HIghroyds Sports Assoc Meeting 23.01.17 1

Feed back from meeting with Stuart Andrew MP, Discussions running of club, Possible forthcoming joint event and more..

Highroyds Sport Ass Meeting Dec 2016

Highroyds Sport Ass Meeting Nov 2016

Highroyds Sport Ass Meeting Oct 2016

HRSA minutes – Sept 16

Highroyds Sport Ass Meeting July 2016

Highroyds Sport Ass Meeting May 2016

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