HRRA Committee Minutes

Attached are the latest Committee Meeting Minutes

December 2018 meeting meeting


November 2018 meeting minutes

HHRA MINUTES November 2018

September 2018 meeting minutes

HHRA MINUTES Sept 2018 (original)

May 2018 meeting minutes

HRRA Committee May Minutes 2018

April 2018 meeting minutes

HRRA Committee April 2018 minutes

March 2018 meeting minutes

HRRA Committee March 2018 minutes

February 2018 AGM minutes

HRRA 8 Feb 2018 AGM minutes

January 2018 meeting minutes

HRRA Committee Jan 2018 minutes

December 2017 meeting minutes

HRRA Committee Dec 2017 minutes

15/16 Estate accounts agreed by Avant, HRRA pressing for 16/17 to be agreed also, Chair indicates that will not stand for re-election and discussion if no-one comes forward.

November 2017 meeting minutes

HRRA committee Nov 2017 minutes

Vivian Cogan joined the committee, following the Sept Open meeting, Community activities to be carried out through the Social Club, £330,000 offered for the new club from the Premier League but further obstacles,

September 2017 Open meeting minutes

This open meeting with residents discussed the future direction of HRRA through the constitution and people were updated and expressed their views on various issues to do with the estate

September 2017 open meeting

July 2017 Minutes

HRRA committe July 2017 minutes

June 2017 Minutes 

This meeting was attended by a number of local residents, enquiring about the progress of the development of the club.  The concessions made by other members of the HRSA to the residents was reiterated as were the efforts to communicate with the residents on the new social club.  The Summer party was being arranged.

HRRA committee June 2017 minutes

May 2017 Minutes

The umbrella HRSA meeting had secured an extra £100,000 from Avant Homes for the build of the new club.  A meeting took place with the local MP Stuart Andrew.  A site walk took place between the developers and Trinity to outline, snagging but the HRRA were not permitted to attend.

The chair submitted a proposal for a constitutional review in respect of the Residents Association, and with alternative direction of conversion to a Community Association.

HRRA Minutes May 2017

HRRA Constitutional Review


April 2017 minutes
HRRA Committee April 2017
Attended by a number of resident as a result of an email sent on the sale of land, setting out the understanding of those present of the options present.

March Extraordinary Meeting Minutes
 HRRA Committee – extra meeting – 21 March 2017
Following a letter from Avant Homes indicating that they intended to sell off land to the rear of the estate, a meeting to discuss how best to inform the residents and what action to take.

March 2017 Minutes
HRRA Committee March 2017
Avant indicate will vacate site July 2017, even if planning permission for Clocktower/Enabling development approved. – Confirmation from Trinity that they still hold David Wilson initial Deposits for Estate- Informing the residents re disposal of land etc….

(February meeting subsumed in February AGM)

HRRA 12th January 2017

Sports Club build out to tender-Report Christmas party – Lighting raised by NHW and more

2016 Minutes

Attached are the minutes for 2016.

December 2016
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November 2016
Progress with the new Social club/Trinity asking for views on Parking/Protected Status for estate and more…
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October 2016
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September 2016
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July 2016
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June 2016
<a href=””>HRRA June minutes</a>

May 2016
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April 2016
<a href=””>HRRA minutes – Apr 16</a>

March 2016
<a href=””>HRRA minutes- Mar 16</a>

February 2016
<a href=””>HRRA minutes – Feb 16</a>

January 2016
<a href=””>HRRA minutes – Jan 16</a>


2015 Minutes

December 2015
HRRA minutes – Dec 15

November 2015
HRRA minutes – Nov 15

October 2015
HRRA minutes – Oct 15

September 2015
HRRA minutes – Sep 15

July 2015
HRRA minutes – July 15

June 2015