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  1. Roger Hawkins

    I note the reference in the December minutes to a letter from TB re “white lines near Borrowdale to aid identification of parking spaces”.
    I totally oppose this, please note the following:
    The implication is that eventually all parking delineated by block colouring will end up white lined.
    The damage to the landscape design would be awful
    The existing delineation is perfectly adequate. (if they work everywhere else, what is wrong at B. Dale?)
    The outcome if white lining is carried out will be to produce the appearance of a car park, not a landscaped area.
    There woud be an ongoing maintainance issue.
    I think that TB should be asked to consult B. Court residents if he considers painting white lines.

    Roger Hawkins

    1. admin

      Hi Roger

      I believe the minute is in error and should read Buckden not
      Borrowdale. There are a few parking spaces to the front of the
      building, ( Buckden ), where residents are unable to see the
      boundaries between the spaces and inadvertently park over the
      boundary. The street lighting is inadequate and the issue is causing
      distress to ( between ) the residents involved. The Trinity proposal
      is to mark the top right hand small block tile only of the few spaces
      affected, ( no white lines ), as an experimental solution to aiding
      the identification of the boundaries.
      Kind Regards


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