Vulnerability of Europrofile Locks


Home Security – Vulnerabilty of EuroProfile Locks.

  • What is a EuroProfile lock?
  • How is it vulnerable?
  • How do I know if I have such locking mechanisms?
  • Do I need the expense of a Lock Smith to replace the lock or can I do it myself?

What is a Euro Profile Lock?

It will be noted that in police reports there are repeated references to entry to houses being gained by breaking the Euro Cylinder barrel lock. This is an extremely common lock on most modern doors. These are fitted on patio and estandard-europrofile-lockntrance doors. Despite there being Building Regulations still permit developers to fit this locks to new build properties but as will be seen from the video below they are extremely easy to ‘snap’ and get entry into the property. It will be noted that the key goes in vertically.


How is it vulnerable?

It will be seen that with a pair of ‘Mole’ Grips, (Adjustable Plyers), the lock can be snapped in seconds and entry can be gained.

Press on the link to see how easily this is done. (It takes a few seconds to load)

(Note that whilst this is a branded video, there a number of manufacturers of Anti Snap locks on the market. HRRA NHW don’t promote any particular one.)


Anti Snap’ or Anti Bump locks, as they are some times called have the key going in horizontally as opposed to vertically. YOU and BURGLARS will recognise them.

You should replace these lock barrels and fit Anti Snap Locks. Note: MOST people change their locks to Anti Snap locks AFTER being burgled. You can change your locks, before and deter burglars from even trying it, as they will recognise that they will not get in on this door and have to go to another one.

Do I need to go the expense of using a Locksmith to change my Locks or Can I Replace them Myself?

 You can get a locksmith to change the my EuroProfile locks. However, it is not hard to Alternatively, you can replace them yourself. It is important that you know the size of your lock barrels. To do this you can take them out, measure them and put them back in again, with the use of a few tools such as a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.  This Link shows you how. (It takes a few seconds to load)

You can purchase AntiSnap locks on the internet for about £40 per lock. Make sure you order sufficient spare keys. You keys will come with a code that you must have so as to order further replacement keys.