Introducing Neighbourhood Watch – What’s it All About?

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At our AGM recently we raised the proposal of establishing a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NHW) on the estate with the aim of addressing any antisocial behaviour/criminal activities on the estate. There was a positive response both at the meeting and subsequently from feed back from residents who attended.

What does a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Involve?

For those who were unable to make the AGM, a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is essentially a communications network between the residents and the Police in which to pass on information that assists the police to keep us safe. It is NOT expected that residents confront such behaviour themselves. That is the job of the Police. A Neighbourhood Watch Member would pass on information on suspicious behaviour to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator who in turn would have a point of contact, the Police Liaison Officer. The Liaison Officer would feed in such information to the Neighbourhood Policing Teams responsible for the area. Essentially the NHW group would be the eyes and ears of the police, which give them more up to date information on suspicious activity on the estate.

What would I be asked to do as a member?

Be alert to suspicious activity or activity in your local area.

Report information to the NHW Co-Ordinator and in serious cases the Police immediately.
Look out for neighbours properties when they are away.

Adopt basic Crime Protection techniques.

What is the level of commitment being requested?

Limited – you will receive occasional emails from the NHW Co-Ordinator and do the above.

Meet, perhaps, once per month for a short meeting to share information with other members

What is the benefit to you?

A NHW scheme will make your estate safer and make the work of the Police more effective. This gives you and your family a greater sense of security and wellbeing. You will also get to know some of your neighbours, make friends and build up a sense of community within the estate which will have benefits well beyond the scheme.

What do HRRA want you do if you want to get involved?

Sign up below indicating which street, block you live on. Speak to your neighbours to see if they would be interested in joining in. We aim to get representatives on each part of the estate, so that there is reasonable coverage of it. We will contact the local Neighbourhood Police Liaison officer and arrange a meeting when he/she will attend.