Litter Free High Royds – Saturday 17th October 2015

High Royds Litter Heroes is a new resident driven project to set up a volunteer litter picking scheme covering the whole of the High Estate over an annual cycle. Come and join the High Royds Residents litter pick and take part in improving our environment for our own enjoyment and for the benefit of the wildlife. Everyone is welcome.

The objectives of the project are to:

* make the High Royds Estate litter free

* recruit resident and non-resident volunteers to participate in monthly litter picking targeting an organised area of the estate

* promote a culture where picking up litter is seen as normal behaviour

* reduce littering by keeping areas clean through regular picking

* document to Ben Bailey & Trinity Estates that residents & non-residents are proactive in keeping our estate litter free

The idea of High Royds Litter Heroes is to promote litter picking as a safe, enjoyable activity and make it really easy for people to go out and do some litter picking. This project will aim increase social capital on the estate and with positive action driven by resident & non-residents it will help keep our estate beautiful and we can socialise after with a natter and refreshments after.

We will meet at the Social Club at 10am on Saturday 17th Oct, where we will agree routes and areas for picking, identify tasks and organize equipment. 20 Litter pickers have been bought for the project. Leeds Council has provided us with collection bags and will remove our full bags.

In addition to collecting the readily manageable litter we will locate and list large items for removal by Ben Bailey or Leeds Council, and most importantly we will take some before and after photographs to share on the Facebook page to celebrate success and encourage our community development.

At 12pm we will come back together at the Social Club to share our information and for some well-earned tea, biscuits and cake!

Please ensure that you have sturdy footwear and protective clothing, especially thick gloves, use mechanical pickers for broken glass and as an experienced litter picker said, ‘don’t be tempted to stick your hand in where you can’t see’. Please note we are volunteers picking litter at our own risk. Let’s keep this an accident free activity.