HRRA comprises its main committee and currently three sub-committees or working parties.


HRRA Committee
This is the main committee. It usually meets at the Social Club on the second Thursday of  the month, at 8.15pm to discuss issues affecting residents. Meetings are open to all residents.

The members of the committee are elected annually at the HRRA AGM (usually in February each year).  The current members of the committee are Chris Billington, Isobel Hainsworth Brewer, Vivienne Cogan, Nigel Hackett, Gerry Hendron, Nick Lowry, Nikki Noyes, Susan Pape, Cedrick Sander and Jim Wilson.

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HRSA Committee / representatives
This committee is responsible for liaising with the High Royds Sports Association who are responsible for planning the new Sports & Social club.
Its members are Chris Billington and Gerald Hendron
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Community Team
This team organises fun events on the estate and aims to promote community spirit.
At the moment this committee is not active and events on the Estate are organised by the High Royds Sports and Social Club.

Email the team. – Contact Heather and the Team


Estates Team
This committee was created to work with Avant (the Estate developer) and Trinity (the current Estate managers) on the handover to management process and deal with other estate wide issues. This group consists of Jim Wilson, Nigel Hackett, Nick Lowry and Cedric Sander.

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Neighbourhood Watch Committee

NHW is co-ordinated by Isobel Hainsworth Brewer.  It was created to increase cohesion between the residents and the Police and to make our Estate safer by promoting good Security Practice for our own and our neighbour’s properties. If you live on the estate and wish to get involved email the team.

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