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Update on the proposed High Royds Sports and Social Club

Update on the proposed High Royds Sports and Social Club

This is an update on the current situation regarding the proposed building of a new Sports and Social Club which forms part of the original section 106 agreement between the developer and Leeds City Council (LCC) Planning Dept.

As you will be aware this project was led for several years by the High Royds Sports Association (HRSA) which comprised of various groups including the existing social club (HRSSC), Guiseley and Menston Juniors football clubs, Crompark Cricket Club,  HRRA, with additional involvement of St Mary’s Academy.

This project involved an approximate build cost of £950K and was heavily reliant on funding from various parties, including the Football Federation (£328K) and LCC who provided a fund of £50K mainly for legal and commissioning costs. HRSA also had committed contributions of £30K each from both football clubs as well as a number of private contributions. (Avant Homes committed funding of £450K)

At the end of last year, after failing to secure adequate funding, HRSA pulled out of the project. At this time HRRA were no longer represented on the board of HRSA after the resignation of our nominated director. For some time several members of the HRRA committee had raised concerns about the likely shortfall in funding available to meet the proposed build. Following a number of tenders, the funding shortfall, combined with the effects of the Covid pandemic and the uncertainty this created, forced HRSA to abandon the entire project.

This left the High Royds Residents’ Association in a very difficult predicament and whilst HRRA have been working tirelessly over the last few months, made even more difficult by the pandemic and the inability to meet face to face, we are faced with a number of stark facts relating to the build and the future plans for various parcels of land on the development.

Avant, the developer, are committed to building the new Sports and Social Club with a fixed budget of £450K. This will provide us with a smaller facility but will not include fit out costs, furniture, kitchen appliances etc.

Avant have now submitted a pre-planning application to LCC planners which includes revised build drawings after consulting with HRRA.

In the last couple of months HRRA has created a working party consisting of residents, many of whom are relatively new to the community, to concentrate solely on the new build, liaising with Avant and LCC, to ensure a facility which will serve the development for years to come.

Get involved

What we need is for more people to get involved. If you live on High Royds and you want to contribute please contact HRRA ( The more people who are involved the more likely the project is to go ahead.

We do not have the funding which was available to HRSA. The funding from the various sports associations was conditional on the number and type of changing rooms within the proposed clubhouse. The existing budget does not allow for previously planned extensive facilities. Grants from the Football Federation and Sport England may still be available but would be dependent on HRRA and the football clubs and/or others entering into some form of collaboration with regards any future club structure. Funding from LCC may no longer be available. HRRA are meeting with local councillors on site in June to investigate any further potential funding which may be available.

The impact of the club NOT being built

What you need to be aware of is the impact on areas of land if the build does not go ahead. As well as the land where the proposed clubhouse is to be built, any lease which could potentially be transferred to us as residents would include the following:-

Football pitches

Cricket pitch

Tennis courts

The main car park

We could be faced with a number of scenarios if the project fails. The land will be owned by Avant, they could sell it to a third party, the football pitches may be left to go to seed. Do you want this as an owner living on what I am sure everyone would agree is a beautiful development?

Please get involved

If you get involved you can make a difference. You can get involved with the planning stage, you can help support the running of the clubhouse facility if and when it opens, you can help fundraising, you can help by using the facility and organising private events etc.

Do you have or do you know someone with a legal background who knows about leasehold contracts and transfer of land to charitable organisations? If so we need you to come forward.

With the project at the pre-planning stage it is likely to be a few months before it goes through the full planning process, especially taking into consideration the effects of the pandemic on LCC processes. It could be winter before the building starts, which provides us with valuable time to plan and prepare.

We need money, we need people…….. we need you!


In the Loop – on High Royds             

April 2021

In the Loop is a Newsletter for everyone living on the High Royds estate.

Published by the High Royds Residents Association (HRRA) we issue In the Loop to keep everyone aware of issues affecting our community.

Latest developments:

  1. Avant has indicated the work the company plans to carry out in the Wider Estate in order to bring it up to the standards before hand over to Trinity Estates:
  2. The work involves general ‘tidying up’ on Menston Drive – BUT Avant has stated it is not prepared to provide lighting between Building 20 (near Norwood Avenue) and Bingley Road. The lack of lighting on Menston Drive remains a serious concern to HRRA;
  3. Menston Drive will remain a private road and it appears that Leeds City Council (LCC) planners have agreed to discharge the planning requirements for top surfacing because the road is no longer planned as a bus route;
  4. There will be no further work carried out by Avant on the section of Menston Drive that is not to be adopted by LCC, other than any essential health and safety work in connection with potholes, overhanging trees and damaged kerbs.
  5. Elsewhere: redundant lights and signposts to be removed;
  6. walls to be repaired;
  7. damaged fences to be repaired or removed;
  8. litter and debris in and around the pond to be cleaned out;
  9. topsoil near pond to be levelled and seeded – and a gap in the hedge to be dug and made good;
  10. sections of paths to be repaired and/or completed;
  11. area to north of the wood to be made good;
  12. some areas to be made good and seeded;
  • Avant states that the works will be undertaken over the next few weeks, with a planned finish date by the end of May.
  • It is not clear what work Avant plans to carry out on the Orchards area off High Royds Drive.
  • Nor does Avant include those areas around Avant Blocks which have not yet been taken into management by Trinity. It’s anticipated that these areas will be inspected separately.

However, Avant indicates that it considers the issues relating to defective freehold contracts are now resolved and the company is wanting Trinity to begin management of these blocks subject to any snagging work to be agreed.

  • The final resurfacing works to High Royds Drive, Ingle Lane and Guiseley Drive will be undertaken once Yorkshire Water has approved the drainage under these roads. Eventually the roads and associated pavements and lighting will be adopted by LCC.
  • The council has been asked to provide more waste/dog waste bins on the pavements it will be responsible for after road adoption.

In the light of the advised work, it’s believed that the Estate Charge for the maintenance of the Wider Estate will be invoiced to all property owners shortly after the estate has been transferred to Trinity. Also, it’s anticipated that the Service Charge will be levied for most, if not all, of the Avant blocks not yet in Trinity’s management (assuming the transfer is imminent).

The future ownership of the Sports Fields and proposed Clubhouse is still to be resolved and is of serious concern. A separate update will be provided in May.


Because of Covid 19 we have been unable meet in person or hold an AGM, but the Association has been meeting monthly by Zoom – and has also held meetings with both Avant Homes and Trinity Estates.

We hope to hold public meetings to which all residents will be invited once it is safe to do so.