History of the Social Club

The Social Club was originally onsite for the use of workers and locals, right up until the site closed as a hospital.
It was originally sited somewhere on the main entrance road that exists now. When the building work commenced it was moved to its current location at the back of the site.

It is currently staffed by people who have run it for many years. If you pop in, you’ll often find Bob in there relaxing, but in previous times, he was the Gravedigger on site. Behind the bar you’ll find Heather or Glynnis, who were both nurses on site in times gone by.

The Social Club has many uses. There are 2 Snooker tables and a Pool table. A pair of dartboards, a selection of Domino sets and books or cds. The Club is also available for hire. There are many regular events, and there aren’t many weekends in the year where there isn’t a childrens birthday party. In times recent, the Residents Association has based events such as Halloween Parties, Christmas Kids Partys and a Summer Fete at the Social club, with a smaller scale event, the Pub Quiz, held more regularly on the last friday of the month.