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Avant Consultation – Mon 18 July 2016 – copy papers

Those who managed to attend the Social Club to view the revised Avant proposals will likely have been disappointed and/or upset.

Chris Billington, Chair of HRRA wrote to wyg to make some preliminary objections to the manner and substance of the consultation.  A copy of Chris’s email is below.

As a result:

  • wyg have agreed to leave the display boards in the Social Club for another week to allow those who could not make the consultation a chance to view them.  Unfortunately representatives of Avant and wyg will not be available to avoid answering any questions.
  • HRRA have separately received a pdf copy of the display boards, which are posted below
  • wyg are making provision for on-line feedback, at (which wasn’t live at the time of this post but do keep trying!)

From comments made at the consultation HRRA understand that Avant will be submitting their planning application in approximately three weeks time.  Some may suggest that is more than adequate time to allow feedback, consider and make changes to their proposals.  Most would likely disagree.

A copy of the pdf display boards is here (click to link).  [Edit – we’ve asked the consultant to let us have lower res copies to help with download. Copies will we added as soon as we can sort out the max size permissions!]

Chris’s email read as follows:

—–Original Message—–

From: On Behalf Of

Sent: 12 July 2016 08:46


Subject: High Royds Consultation – 18 July


Dear John,

Like may residents at High Royds (Chevin Park) I have received your notification of the public consultation to take place on 18 July, 2-6.30pm.

Like many residents I will be unable to attend due to the selected timing of the consultation event.

As I am not permitted to have any information on the current proposal I must limit my comments at this time to the following points.

In relation to the manner of consultation:

  • I wish to make clear to you my personal objection, and as Chair of the High Royds Residents’ Association (‘HRRA’) an objection on behalf of residents about the deliberate attempts to effect the outcome of the consultation through denying residents access to a meaningful consultation process.
  • You may be aware that Avant, HRRA and Leeds City Council planning officers meet regularly as a liaison committee, as provided under existing planning conditions relating to the development.
    • No notification has been made through the liaison committee of this intended consultation.
    • No separate notification has been made to HRRA, despite our repeated attempts to engage Avant in dialogue on estate matters.
  • Avant has been made aware that the condition of the local roads and paths, and in particular the access to the Social Club, prevents those with restricted mobility from gaining access such that the method of consultation further denies affected residents the opportunity to participate.
  • it would be an easy matter to extend the consultation day to 8pm, to allow those returning home from work to participate.
  •  information boards can be left in the Social Club for residents to access over a period of days.
  • email and on-line feedback can be sought.

In relation to the proposal:

  •  previous consultation have sought to make clear the wish of residents and others that the developer satisfy its existing obligations prior to any further development being permitted.
  • all areas of High Royds are considered to be green belt and no distinction should be made between the previous enabling area (South of the Glades) and the current proposed enabling area (North of Norwood Avenue).
  •  the historic boundaries between Menston and Guiseley and between Leeds and Bradford must be maintained.
  •  inadequate information on the need for an enabling area has been presented and the issue of ‘compensatory development’ continues to be used to mask the inefficient and ineffective business management of the developer group of companies (which includes previous levels of asset distribution) since Avant took ownership of this site.
  • No information is provided or referenced in relation to:
    • additional local infrastructure required to support the proposed development, including drainage where the fields down slope from the development have suffered severe flooding in recent months.
    • additional traffic pressure, with concerns repeatedly identified in relation to existing on-site parking and access restrictions.

By their nature the above are generic but none the less relevant concerns which Avant have failed to address to date. I trust by raising these points with you now, in advance of the day, immediate measures can be taken to address the participation concerns.

Kind regards

Chris Billington

Chair of High Royds Residents’ Association